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Lam­bert Doomer, Dutch, 1624-1700: Farmyard Scene, c. 1640-50 

This loose­ly sketched scene shows a woman attend­ing to a child as it relieves itself, indif­fer­ent to the hus­tle and bus­tle occur­ring around them. In the dis­tant back­ground a man walks a fat­tened hog to the left while a fish­er­man car­ry­ing a pole and two oars on his shoul­ders walks towards the slaugh­ter­house where a pig is butchered. Lam­bert Doomer’s quick spon­ta­neous line work and swift appli­ca­tion of wash sug­gests he record­ed the busy scene from life, per­haps dur­ing Novem­ber, a time when pigs were slaugh­tered to pro­vide Dutch farm fam­i­lies with their pri­ma­ry food source for the win­ter months.