Artist: Pieter van Laer, Dutch, 1599-c. 1642

Pieter van Laer was a Dutch painter and print­mak­er active in Rome for over a decade and depict­ed genre scenes, ani­mal paint­ings and land­scapes placed in the envi­rons of Rome. He was an active mem­ber of the asso­ci­a­tion of Flem­ish and Dutch artists in Rome known as the Bentvueghels. He intro­duced a style of genre paint­ing fol­lowed by other North­ern and Ital­ian painters, known as the Bam­boc­cianti, after van Laer’s nick­name Il Bam­boc­cio. (Source Wikipedia)

Pupil of: (source RKD)

Esa­ias van de Velde