Artist: Jan Van Der Straet, Flem­ish, 1523-1605

Jan Van Der Straet, also known as Stradanus, was a Flem­ish artist active main­ly in six­teenth-cen­tu­ry Flo­rence, Italy. He was a wide-rang­ing tal­ent who worked as an easel and fres­co painter, design­er of tapes­tries, draughts­man, design­er of prints and pot­tery dec­o­ra­tor. His sub­ject range was var­ied and includ­ed his­to­ry sub­jects, mytho­log­i­cal scenes, alle­gories, land­scapes, genre scenes, por­traits, archi­tec­tur­al scenes and ani­mals. He became a promi­nent court artist to the Medici, pro­duced large altar­pieces for the most impor­tant church­es in Flo­rence, and was a pro­lif­ic design­er of prints. (Source Wikipedia)